Who we are?


CoolCat is a fashion laboratory that designs and makes clothes for Woman and Bride.Each and every single piece is hand made by the stylist and creator of this project, Anna Cislaghi. Anna makes unique her creations by individually designing each model and using exclusively natural fiber fabrics of highest quality designed and made in Italy.



CoolCat uses finest fabrics and materials that, for quality and cost, are banned by the garment industry.


Each dress is designed to be unique. You will never find a copy of yours.


In the workshop the relationship between stylist and client is firstly and foremost human and based on reciprocal trust. Buying from CoolCat is like commissioning your portrait to a painter instead of buying someone else’s picture.


Refined materials, innovative design and construction craftsmanship characterize the limited production of this small fashion workshop in the province of Milan.The use of handloom fabrics – with incomparable elasticity and shine – combined with a seamless cutting concept developed directly around the body - creating sinuous shapes and even twisting to a large extent the concept of size - are distinctive elements of the CoolCat project. The same style concepts of the loom fabrics are applied also to a flanking line made with precious silk fabrics with endearing graphics.The result is therefore innovative and traditional at the same time, really Italian, completely hand-made in the workshop, refractory to the schemes of branding and truly unique.